It is my intent to create an online archive of high quality digital transfers of rare records and field recordings. This is a massive and time consuming undertaking that requires your support. Please consider becoming a benefactor of this project by going to  You can help me get the equipment I need, hosting space,  make this a sustainable and reachable goal, and have access to music that would otherwise be lost. Thank you!

Album and Field Recording Uploads 


Joe Cromwell Collection

Check back often for new uploads. These won’t stay up long.


Field Recordings from 83rd Annual Galax Fiddlers Convention

LET THE SPIRIT MOVE (25 minutes, black and white, 16 mm., 1977). Produced by Bill Gray.  This is a brilliant documentary made in Winston-Salem, NC featuring the Prophet Grover Moss. I do not own the copyright to this recording. This video is for historical and educational purposes.

Ernest Martin RRT 408 download


Rafe Brady (Mount Airy, NC fiddler)  August 1979. I was lucky to get one play off this reel.

  1. Cacklin Hen
  2. Billy In the Lowground
  3. Hop Light Ladies
  4. Leather Britches
  5. Carroll County Blues
  6. Fox Chase

Elder Walter Evans ( Sovereign Grace EP) Extremely rare Primitve Baptist Hymn singing from Sparta, NC circa 1960

  1. Guide Me Oh Thou Great
  2. How Sweet to Reflect
  3. Awake My Soul
  4. Hark! The Voice of Love and Mercy
  5. Come Thou Long Expected
  6. Amazing Grace

Many, many thanks to my wonderful friend, Joe Cromwell for giving me his bluegrass and old-time record collection. He spent 50 years amassing it and I hope to spend the next 50 putting it to good use.

Born In The Mountain is a non-profit endeavor and an attempt to make rare music available over the airwaves and online. Help support the archives. Want downloads of the shows, or particular songs or recordings? Let me know.      donatebutton

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