Records For Sale

All records graded visually. Shipping $5 media mail.

Carter Family

Can The Circle Be Ubroken/Glory To The Lamb  cq 8529 E $5

Motherless Children/Little Moses bb 5924 E- $5

Blue Sky Boys

Why Not Confess/Since The Angels Took My Mother Far Away bb 33-0516 E $5

Kneel At Thy Cross/ Row Us Over The Tide MW 7018 E $10

Davis Unlimited LPs  

DU 33002 Norm Edmonds “Train On The Island” New $10

DU 3304 Fiddlers Of The Tennessee Valley New   $10

DU 33005 “Tennessee Valley Mandolin: Featuring Bill Lowery”   $10

DU 33015 Fiddling Doc Roberts Excellent  $10

DU-33019 Wally Bryon & The Blaylock Brothers: Follow HIS Footsteps Sealed  $10

DU-33023 Frazier Moss: All Fiddler Sealed   $10

DU-33024 Perry County Music Makers: Going Back To Tennessee Sealed  $10

DU-33037 Omer Forster: Flowery Girls Sealed  $30

DU 3304 Fiddlers Of The Tennessee Valley New $10

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